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Couture Cake Creations
“I can roll it as thin as needed and I was most excited about the colors available. I needed a true navy blue and was able to use Renshaw’s fondant that was already pre-colored.”
Melissa Payne

A Memory Worth Making Cakes
“Renshaw was great to work with. It covered well, no elephant skin and it actually tasted good. I will be using it again and again!”
Angie Bennett

Swank Cake Design
“I made the switch to Renshaw fondant because of it’s workability and great taste. If you have had
issues with other brands of fondant, give Renshaw a try. My customers AND students love it as well!”
Wayne Steinkopf

Cake Addiction Education & Supply
“As owner of Cake Addiction Education and Supply LLC, I was particularly concerned about which fondant to use for retail sales and my classes. I tried Renshaw and was blown away at the deepness of the colors and the ease of use! And the white is addictively delicious! It worked very well with my DAB instant lace and molds. That was especially important for me. I’m sold on Renshaw!”
Debra Ramsay

Cakes By Paula
“What an awesome tasting product – no chemical after taste! I loved how it kneaded so easily and rolled out so smoothly! I used the 1.5lb package on a 12 inch cake and have some left over after trimming away the excess. It stayed fresh as it sat on my counter for a little while, and did not give me any elephant skin. I can’t wait to try the other colors and use the chocolate fondant on a cake. The chocolate tasted really good as well. The purple color is really pretty as well as the green. I definitely will purchase in the future.”
Paula Surette

Cake Speciality Inc
“After reviewing Renshaw fondant, I highly recommend it. It is a superior product with excellent results.”
Nicholas DeSpirito

Glorious Creations Desserts
“I found it tastes good and is very easy to work with, even the dark colors that with some brands don’t work as well and tear. I found that Renshaw works well and doesn’t dry as fast. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially to students that don’t have much experience and can’t work as fast.”
Esther Zafrani

Vanessa’s Cake Designs
“I have been using Renshaw a lot. I really like working with it. You can go very thin without breakage, you can work with it for longer time without getting elephant skin, it tastes sssooo much better and the finish is quite elegant.”
Vanessa Greeley


Diana Viera (Bloomfield, CT)
“I tried Renshaw fondant for the first time on a children’s cake and fell in love with it. I combined the yellow and white fondant together, and not only did it blend so quickly, it rolled nicely and when I covered my cake, no cracks! It smells nice too, and the cake looked beautiful.”

Mary Ann Carrizzo (Kings Park, NY)
“Everyone raved on how delicious the Renshaw fondant was on my Icing Smiles cake. The Renshaw Gumpaste worked out really well on the Hello Kitty topper too.”