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Wedding Favor Surprise Centre Cookies

Add a personal touch to your big day with these gorgeous cookies ✨



Baking Ingredients

  • Shortbread dough pre-made and chilled
  • Decorating Ingredients

  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen - Yellow
  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen - Baby Blue
  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen - Royal Blue
  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen - Green
  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen - Pink
  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen - Purple
  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen - Red
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Turquoise
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Pink
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Green
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint - Gold
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint - Silver
  • 2 Tubs Renshaw Ready Made Royal Icing
  • 2.2lb Renshaw White Fondant
  • Cooled boiled apricot jam
    1. Equipment:

    2. Before making your wedding favor cookies, ensure you have the following: A Lined baking tray, Rolling pin, 4” x 2.5” Rectangle cutter, 3” x 1.5” Rectangle cutter, Powdered sugar, Pastry brush, Paintbrush, Fine pointed paintbrush, Clear alcohol, Dresden tool, Piping bags, No.1.5 Piping tips x 4, Scissors or paper cutter, Airbrush, Paint palette, Pipette.
    3. Baking the Cookies:

    4. Pin out the dough on a clean surface lightly dusted with flour to between 3mm and 4mm. Cut out 3 (4” x 2.5”) rectangles using the cutter for each Wedding Favor cookie.
    5. Cut out the center of one rectangle using the 3” x 1.5” rectangle cutter so you have something that resembles a picture frame. This will hold the confetti.
    6. Place the shapes on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown.
    7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool on a wire rack.
    8. While waiting for the cookies to cool, start creating the confetti.
    9. Decorating the Cookies:

    10. Place a very small amount of Turquoise ProGel into a paint palette and dilute with alcohol. Transfer the solution to your airbrush using a pipette and spray onto an A4 piece of wafer paper. Top tip: create an ombre effect for varied color tones of confetti.
    11. Repeat with Pink ProGel then cut out confetti shapes using a paper cutter or a fine pair of scissors.
    12. To stack the cookies, paddle some Royal Icing with a palette knife straight from the pot to make it smooth and fill a piping bag ½ full. Fill another piping bag fitted with a 1.5 piping bag for later. Take one rectangle cookie with the middle removed and pipe the Royal Icing all the way along the underside and place it on top of the full rectangle cookie to attach. Allow to set.
    13. Sprinkle the confetti into the cookie then pipe Royal Icing all the way along the edge to attach the last rectangle and seal in the confetti.
    14. Brush a little apricot jam around three sides of the cookie using the pastry brush, then, on a clean dry surface knead a small amount of White Fondant until pliable.
    15. Dust the work surface with powdered sugar and pin out the fondant into a long rectangle shape until 9” x 1” long and 2-3mm thick. Attach onto the sides of the cookie then add texture by embossing lines with a Dresden tool to create pages.
    16. Next, brush over the top and remaining side of the cookie with apricot jam. Pin out another rectangle to 4.5” x 3.5” and 2-3mm thick and attach. This will become the cover and spine. Leave to set firm.
    17. To create the watercolor floral effect using the Food Art Pens, fill a paint palette with some alcohol and dab in a fine paintbrush loading it with the alcohol. Then with the Food Art Pen of your choice, color a small circle directly onto the fondant and immediately brush over with the paintbrush causing the ink to run.
    18. Repeat this with all the colors creating an L shaped floral border on your cookie.
    19. Next, color up small amounts of Royal Icing with some Pink, Turquoise and Green ProGel and fill three piping bags fitted with a No.1.5 piping tip. Take your other piping bag filled with uncolored Royal Icing prepared earlier. Then, pipe small dots and leaf shapes randomly around the flowers for a whimsical finish.
    20. Lastly, gild the pages using the Gold and Silver Metallic Paints and a paintbrush to finish your Hidden Center Wedding Favor Cookies.
    21. Cut into the cookies to reveal the surprise middle!