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Video: Festive Royal Icing Mug Cookies

Learn how to make Christmas mug cookies with Renshaw Royal Icing and Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint, with a surprise flavoured fondant filling. Created by Renshaw Academy Ambassador, Chrissie Boon for The Perfect Match campaign.

Baking Ingredients

  • Pre-baked cookies in various mug shapes and sizes
  • Decorating Ingredients

  • 14 oz Renshaw Royal Icing
  • Rainbow Dust Pearlescent White Metallic Paint
  • 8.8 oz Renshaw White Ready to Roll Fondant Icing
    1. You will need: A small bowl, spatula, damp cloth, 3 piping bags, scribe tool/needle, and a royal icing transfer sheet of your choice.
    2. Bake cookies of your choice and allow to cool before decorating.
    3. Watch the full tutorial on how to decorate your cookies.