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St Patrick’s Day Cookies 🍀

These super fun cookie designs, by Nicholas Lodge are the perfect treat for your St Patrick’s Day celebrations! 🍪

Baking Ingredients

  • Various pre-baked cookies
  • Decorating Ingredients

  • Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing - White
  • Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing - Green
  • Renshaw Ready to Use Royal Icing
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel Color - Green
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel Color - Yellow
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint - Gold
  • Renshaw Gum Paste - Green/White can be coloured with ProGel
  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen - Your Choice of Color
    1. Prepare your equipment:

    2. Before making your St Patrick's Day inspired cookies, you will need: a rolled fondant smoother, a plastic sleeve, a strip cutter, a shamrock cutter (various sizes), a shamrock embosser (various sizes/designs), a paintbrush, a dresden tool, piping bags, piping nozzles (various sizes) and a paintbrush.
    3. Lace Cookies:

    4. Roll and pin out on a lightly dusted powdered sugar worktop 1/8" thick of green Fondant Icing, placing a lace stencil of your choice over the top, and press down using a rolled fondant smoother.
    5. Next, taking the Royal Icing, spread over the top of the stencil, using a scraper to remove the excess.
    6. Carefully remove the stencil and cut out the fondant to your desired shape. Repeat the process this time adding a few drop of the Yellow ProGel Color to your Royal Icing, and paint over the top with the Gold Metallic Paint before removing the stencil. Use water with a flat brush to clean up any mistakes.
    7. Shamrock and Tartan Fondant Cookies:

    8. Roll and pin out on a lightly dusted powdered sugar worktop 1/16" thick of green Fondant , and 1/8" thick of White Fondant Icing.
    9. Next using a small shamrock shaped cutter, begin cutting out the green fondant. After cutting out place the white fondant in a plastic sleeve, and spread out the shamrock shapes in a random order on top of the fondant. Then using a fondant smoother, press down over the plastic sleeve to embed the design in the fondant.
    10. Finally remove the fondant from the plastic sleeve and cut out to your desired shape. Attach to your cookies using a little Royal Icing, and repeat the process for the tartan cookies, using a strip cutter placing the fondant vertical and horizontal in the plastic sleeve.
    11. Painted Embossed Cookies:

    12. Roll and pin out on a lightly dusted powdered sugar worktop 1/8" thick of White Fondant, and emboss in a shamrock design.
    13. Using a cutter the same size as your cookies, cut out the fondant and allow to dry a little.
    14. Then using the Green ProGel mixed with a little alcohol, begin painting onto the pattern you have created. Finish by attaching to your cookies using Royal Icing.
    15. Royal Icing Flooded Cookies:

    16. Using the Royal Icing weigh out your desired amount, adding 6g of water for every 100g of Royal Icing, to achieve the perfect consistency for flooding. Split into 2 bowls.
    17. Then using the Green ProGel, add in a few drops into 1 of the bowls mixing through with a spatula to incorporate the water and color until the desired shade is achieved.
    18. Now using normal consistency Royal Icing mix with a drop of the Green ProGel and pipe around the edge of cookie.
    19. Next using the Green colored flooding icing, place into a large piping bag with no tip and flood onto the cookie bases.
    20. Finally use a paintbrush to brush the icing to the edge of the cookies. For an added sheen, place cookies under a desk lamp for around 2 hours and allow to dry.
    21. To create the shamrock design, flood your cookies with the uncoloured Royal Icing, using the green flooding icing straight after to pipe on a shamrock. Alternatively to get a marbled effect, simply swirl the icing with a paintbrush.
    22. Finally once your icing has dried, using the normal consistency Green colored Royal Icing and No3 piping tip, pipe a shell boarder around your cookie.
    23. Textured Shamrock Cookies:

    24. Begin by filling a piping bag fitted with a No3 nozzle with normal consistency Royal Icing mixed with a few drops of Green ProGel.
    25. Then outline one side of the leaf piping 2 lines thick and using a little water and an angled flat brush, brush towards centre of the the shamrock shaped cookie.
    26. Repeat process until all leaves have been covered, then using a moist brush create blade like strokes to give the texture of a real leaf.
    27. Finish by piping on a stem and allowing to dry.
    28. Brush Embroidery Shamrock Cookies:

    29. Roll and pin out on a lightly dusted powdered sugar worktop 1/8" thick of Green Fondant and cut to desired shape. Then emboss with shamrock design, and allow to dry for around 1 hour.
    30. Next using the Royal Icing, paddle on your work surface and fill a piping bag fitted with a No2 nozzle.
    31. Pipe around outside of Shamrock design, and using a moist paint brush, brush the icing in towards the centre of the leaf shape. Flatten the paintbrush and cut into the ends with brush like a blade. Finish by piping a stem.
    32. Next begin piping around 6 beads at a time around the edge of the fondant, and again brush towards the centre of the cookie.
    33. Finish the design by piping small dots using a No1 tip in between the piped beads.
    34. Embossed Cookies:

    35. Roll and pin out on a lightly dusted powdered sugar worktop 1/8" thick of green Fondant Icing, and emboss in a shamrock design.
    36. Then cut out in your desired shape and attach to cookie.
    37. 3D Shamrock Decorations:

    38. Begin by kneading your Gum Paste with a little vegetable shortening, and roll out to 1/16" thick or number 4 on a pasta machine.
    39. Next using a shamrock shaped cutter, cut out the Gum Paste and leave flat or placed on a flower pad, and press dresden tool into each heart shape on the shamrock, using the veining tool to gently make a vein on each leaf.
    40. Finally attach your 3D shamrock to your cookies or sweet treats using a little Royal Icing.
    41. To give your cookies a personalised touch, use your favourite coulored Food Art Pen and write a message on your dried design.