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Santa’s Belt Cake Decorating Tutorial 🎅

A festive decorated cake perfect for all your celebrations over the Holiday season!

Take your bake a step further by following our Santa’s Belt Spongecake Recipe Tutorial, for a matching design throughout!

Baking Ingredients

  • We have covered a mix of Red Velvet and Chocolate cakes for this recipe.
  • Decorating Ingredients

  • 2.2 lb Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing Red
  • 8.8 oz Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing Black
  • 1.1 lb Renshaw Gum Paste White
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint Gold
    1. Before decorating your Santa Cake, ensure you have a: Straight edge strip cutter, FMM large scalloped edge cutter (Straight Frill Cutter Set #3), paring knife, rolling pin, icing sugar, smoothers, ruler, button mold, 3½” rectangular plaque cookie cutter (for the belt buckle), 1” rectangle cookie cutter (a square can also be used), boiled and cooled water, water brush, paint brush, cornstarch puff, large cake knife, serving plate or decorated cake board.
    2. To begin the Santa's belt design, remove your cake from the refrigerator half an hour before decorating (pre-filled, stacked and coated with buttercream). As the cake starts to come back to room temperature, the condensation will adhere the fondant to the cake when covering.
    3. On a clean, dry surface knead the Red Fondant until pliable.
    4. Dust the work surface with confectioners’ sugar and pin out the fondant until 3-4mm thick.
    5. Carefully place the fondant over the cake and smooth down gently using your hands. Once the cake is covered, polish over the cake with the smoothers. Trim the excess fondant with a sharp paring knife.
    6. Next, to create the edging on Santa’s jacket, knead the White Gum Paste until pliable on a clean, dry surface. Lightly dust the work surface with confectioners’ sugar and pin out the gum paste into a long rectangle 2mm thick.
    7. Set the straight edge strip cutter to 1½” and cut a 70cm/28” long strip of gum paste. Then, using the FMM scalloped edge cutter, cut into the strip along one edge, lining up the scallops. Attach the scalloped border around the base of the cake using a little water.
    8. Next, cut another strip of White Gum Paste 3” wide and 6” tall (or as tall as your cake is) and this time, cut scallops along both edges lengthways to create the center of Santa’s jacket. Attach up the middle of the cake using a little water. This will become the front of the cake.
    9. Knead the Black Fondant on a clean, dry surface until pliable. Pin out into a long rectangle to 2mm thick on a surface lightly dusted with confectioners’ sugar. Set the strip cutter to 1½” and cut a long strip, this will be Santa’s belt. Attach the belt just below the middle of the cake using a little water and trim to size. Tip: Attach the belt starting at the back of the cake so the seam where the belt meets is not visible.
    10. Take a small amount of kneaded White Gum Paste, lightly dust the surface with confectioners’ sugar and pin until 1-2mm thick. Using the 3½” rectangular plaque cookie cutter, cut out the buckle for Santa’s belt. Then using the 1” rectangle cutter, cut out the center of the plaque to complete the buckle shape. If using a square cutter, cut out two overlapping squares to create a rectangular hole.
    11. Attach the buckle in the center of the cake over the belt using a little water. Then, using the Rainbow Dust Gold Metallic Paint and a paintbrush, paint the buckle gold.
    12. To finish off Santa’s jacket, take a small amount of kneaded Black Fondant and press it into a button mold lightly dusted with cornstarch and turn it out. Stick one button below the belt buckle and the other one above, using a little water. Tip: Alternatively, roll a small ball and flatten it down. Then using the end of a paintbrush, push in two holes side by side to make your own button.
    13. Transfer the cake onto a seasonal serving plate or a decorated cake board to finish off the look.