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Royal Icing Llama and Cacti Cookies

Cute llama cookies and cactus cookies, decorated with Renshaw Americas Royal Icing and Rainbow Dust ProGel food colours, edible paints and edible pens.

Baking Ingredients

  • Shortbread cookie dough
  • Decorating Ingredients

  • 1 14oz Tub Renshaw Americas Royal Icing
  • 1 Rainbow Dust ProGel Color Green
  • 1 Rainbow Dust ProGel Color Pink
  • 1 Rainbow Dust ProGel Color Orange
  • 1 Rainbow Dust ProGel Color Yellow
  • 1 Rainbow Dust ProGel Color Turquoise
  • 1 Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint Pearlescent Baby Pink
  • 1 Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint Pearlescent Spring Green
  • 1 Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen Black
    1. Roll out your cookie dough into a rectangle and begin to cut out a range of llama and cacti shapes as shown above, once baked allow cookies to fully cool.
    2. Mix the pot of Renshaw Royal Icing until smooth and deposit a fair amount into 5 bowls, color with each of the ProGels until thoroughly combined.
    3. Place colors into their own No2 piping bag and begin outlining the cookies.
    4. Let down each colour of the remaining icing with cooled boiled water to achieve a thinner consistency, and cover with a damp cloth to prevent a skin from forming. Allow to rest for a few minutes letting any air bubbles come to the surface (pop these with a toothpick).
    5. Once the icing has rested place each color of icing into a piping bag, snipping a small hole in each before flooding your cookies. Start from the outline working in small sections until you reach the centre. If any air bubbles form pop them now before the icing sets.
    6. After the icing has set, with any remaining coloured icing decorate around the llama’s saddle to achieve a 3D pattern, use the left over Pink ProGel colored icing to make a nose.
    7. When the icing on all the cookies is set, using the Black Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen begin to add facial features to your llamas and cacti.
    8. Finally using the Metallic Paints, making sure to shake them first, add detail to the biscuits matching the metallic paint colour to the ProGel icing color.