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Love Heart Cake Recipe



Decorating Ingredients

  • 2 8 x 2in Round sponge cakes
  • Frosting
  • 4 tbsp Raspberry jam
  • 1.5 lb Renshaw Pink Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 1.5 lb Renshaw Red Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 3/8" thick red ribbon
    1. Decorating Instructions:

    2. Using a large heart cutter or a heart template cut a heart shape out of the two 8in round sponge cakes.
    3. Sandwich the cakes with the raspberry jam and the majority of frosting.
    4. Place the heart cake on a cake board. Spread a thin layer of the remaining frosting all over the heart shaped cake.
    5. Knead, and roll out the Renshaw Pink Ready to Roll Fondant on confectioner's sugar. Lift the pink fondant onto the frosting covered heart cake, smoothing the fondant down the side of the cake with hands.
    6. Trim off the excess with a sharp knife around the base of the cake. Alternatively, you can also cover the cake board with the pink fondant.
    7. Place the ribbon around the base of the cake sticking to the fondant with a very small amount of jam.
    8. To make the decorative rose, knead the Renshaw Red Ready to Roll Fondant until soft and pliable.
    9. Roll a piece of red fondant into a ball about approximately ¾in diameter, then roll the ball of fondant between the palms of your hands on one side on one side of the ball to make a cone shape which will form the centre of your rose.
    10. To make the petals, roll a ball of red fondant approximately 3/8in diameter, then flatten the ball, thinning one side and leaving the other side thicker. You will need to make sixteen petals in total.
    11. Wrap the first petal around the cone to cover the top of the cone and to form the start of the bud, sticking to the cone shape with cooled boiled water.
    12. Press three more petals around the base of the bud. Gently curl edges of the petals, and position each one overlapping the other round the first petal, sticking to the other petals with water.
    13. Take five more petals. Using a little water stick petals under first row of petals, again curling the edges and positioning lower than the previous row of petals.
    14. Continue the process with a further seven petals for a large open rose.
    15. Trim off excess cone at the bottom of the rose and leave to set.
    16. Place on the cake, sticking down with a little cooled boiled water.