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How To Make Gum Paste Lace Using a Mould

Baking Ingredients

  • Decorating Ingredients

  • 1.1 lb Renshaw White Gum Paste (half a pack)
  • Pearl lustre
  • Edible glue
  • Lace mould
  • Cornflour dabber
  • 2 x large soft dusting brush
  • Rolling pin (small preferable)
    1. Decorating Instructions:

    2. Knead the gum paste until soft and pliable on a clean, dry surface.
    3. Dust the surface with a little cornflour. Roll the paste out very thinly making sure it is larger than the size of the mould.
    4. Dust the mould with cornflower. Tap out any excess.
    5. Lay the paste over the mould and with light pressure press the paste into the pattern, ensuring you get all the detail. Pay particular attention around the edges of the mould.
    6. Place the mould back insert over the top of the paste and apply pressure either with the back of your hand or roll over it with a rolling pin.
    7. Now holding the mould back insert down with one hand, gently remove the excess paste. It should tear away quite easily.
    8. Once the paste is removed, carefully lift off the back insert.
    9. The edges will be a little rough. To smooth them off rub your finger inwards around the outline.
    10. Turn the mould over and gently release the paste onto your work surface. Remove any excess cornflour with a large soft dusting brush.
    11. You can now add lustre with a large soft dusting brush, working in a circular motion.
    12. Attach to your cake whilst still soft and malleable with a little edible glue.
    13. Tip:

    14. You can trim around sections of the lace to give different and smaller shapes. This can fill small gaps in between the bigger sections and also adds a delicate touch to your cake.