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How To Make a Robot Cake



Baking Ingredients

  • Decorating Ingredients

  • 3 lb Renshaw Purple Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 1.5 lb Renshaw White Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 1.5 lb Renshaw Green Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 1.5 lb Renshaw Red Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 1.5 lb Renshaw Pink Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 1.5 lb Renshaw Yellow Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 1.5 lb Chocolate Ready to Roll Fondant
  • Royal icing
  • 4 8 x 2in Square cakes (baked prior)
  • Frosting
  • Rolling pin
  • 12" square board
  • 3" Polystyrene round cake drum ½" depth
  • 4" Polystyrene square drum (for the head)
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Water brush
  • Small brush
  • Small sharp knife
  • Round cutter set
  • Palette knife
  • 5 cake dowels – at least 8" deep
  • Icing smoothers
    1. Decorating Instructions:

      Preparing to decorate the cake:

    2. Let the cakes cool then remove the tins and lining paper. Skin the top of the cakes and level if required.
    3. Layer the cake with your desired filling.
    4. The height for the body should be the same as the width to give a square shape.
    5. Coat the body on the outside with a thin layer of frosting.
    6. Icing the cake:

    7. Knead the white fondant and roll out on clean dry surface lightly dusted with powdered sugar large enough to cover the board. Brush the board with the cooled boiled water, roll the fondant over the rolling pin and cover the board. Smooth down with a smoother and trim away any excess.
    8. Knead and roll out the purple fondant on a clean, dry surface lightly dusted with powdered sugar and cover the body. Gently smooth the fondant by hand and finish with a smoothing tool to create neat sides.
    9. Create the legs by kneading 1/4 of the yellow fondant. Knead and cut into four even sized pieces and shape each into balls. Repeat with the same quantity of chocolate fondant. For each leg you will need to have two yellow and two brown balls of fondant. To make the legs, alternate the colours and stick in place with a little water.
    10. Roll out a small amount of red fondant to ¾" thickness and cut two 1" x 2" rectangles for the feet cut at an angle at the bottom and stick in place to the bottom of the legs with water. Put screw markings in with a pointed tool.
    11. Make the thermometer gauge using a 2" round cutter using white fondant. Attach the thermometer gauge decorations. Knead and roll some blue fondant into a sausage shape about 5" long. Flatten out with the rolling pin to ¼" thickness. Trim with the knife into a strip no wider than ½". Brush with water the area around the white gauge and stick in place.
    12. Make the panels and buttons for the body by rolling out the various colours then cutting either with a knife or the round cutters.
    13. To create the arms you will need to use the red, green and purple fondant. Knead 2/3 of the red fondant, roll into a ball and cut in half to given two even portions. Roll each portion into a long cylinder, both cylinders should be the same length. Dampen the area on the cake where the arms are to sit using a little water and attach the arms draping the wrist part of the arm onto the board.
    14. Make the shoulders by creating a thicker cylinder shape from the green fondant and cut into two x 1" lengths, then stick to the body at the top of the arm.
    15. To create the hands roll some purple fondant to ½" thickness. Cut out two rectangles that are about 1" by 4" in length. Curve each strip into a half moon shape creating a spanner-like effect and stick in place at the end of each wrist with a little water.
    16. Mark the positioning of the neck onto the body using the back of the knife and the 3" polystyrene cake drum as a guide to draw round. Evenly place 4 dowels into the cake in the area you've marked and check they are level with each other. Trim any excess dowel. The dowels should be level with the top of the cake as they are there to provide support. Stick the 3"polystyrene drum in place over the dowells using royal icing.
    17. Create 3 ropes of yellow fondant graduating down in size. Stick the thickest rope around the base of the polystyrene and build up the neck. The three ropes should hide the drum that will be supporting the head.
    18. Brush the 4" polystyrene block with water. Knead and roll out the purple fondant on a clean, dry surface lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Cover the head in purple fondant being careful to smooth the fondant and remove any creases as you go.
    19. Stick the head in place on the prepared 3" polystyrene neck using royal icing.
    20. Add the facial features by using the round cutters and knife. Add the nose first, putting that in the central position.
    21. Make the ears with the various round cutters. Attach to the cake with a little water.
    22. Make the antennae using a cake dowel and cover with different sized shaped fondant balls.