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Halloween Surprise Cake Cauldron šŸŽƒ

Baking Ingredients

  • Favourite Candy for the Surprise Middle
  • 3 8x2inch cakes
  • Buttercream
  • Decorating Ingredients

  • 1 Pack White Gum Paste
  • 1 Pack (8.8Oz) Black Ready To Roll Fondant Icing
  • Rainbow Dust Orange ProGel Color
  • Rainbow Dust Red ProGel Color
  • Rainbow Dust Yellow ProGel Color
  • Rainbow Dust Green ProGel Color
  • Rainbow Dust Silver Metallic Food Paint
  • Rainbow Dust Red Food Art Pen
  • Rainbow Dust Black Food Art Pen
  • Rainbow Dust Green Food Art Pen
  • Chocolate Flakes
    1. First using the Orange ProGel Color, mix in a few drops with your buttercream until thoroughly combined.
    2. Then gently using a knife carve a good sized hole in the centre of one of your cakes, being careful not to cut too far out.
    3. Next using your orange buttercream sandwich the cut out cake in between the two remaining sponges, placing your favourite candy in the centre for the surprise middle.
    4. Now begin carving around you cake until it roughly resembles an oval/cauldron shape, before using the remaining buttercream to completely cover the cake.
    5. Knead 3/4 of the black fondant on a clean, dry surface until smooth and pliable. Dust your surface with powdered sugar then begin rolling out your fondant icing until it is wide enough to cover the cake, rotating the icing after each roll.
    6. Gently lift your icing over the cake and begin smoothing it over the cake with your hands. Lift out any pleats and smooth over these one by one. You can use a pin to pop any air bubbles.
    7. Then using the remaining fondant, knead and roll into a sausage shape, long enough to create the rim of the cauldron. Secure to the top of the cake with a little cooled, boiled water and trim away any excess.
    8. Next split your white gum paste into five chunks, colouring each chunk in 1 of the ProGel Colors. Leave a little of the gumpaste uncolored.
    9. Afterwards using the green dyed gum paste, begin rolling into different sized balls to resemble bubbles, and make 2-3 tentacles to sit on top of the cake. Use some of the uncolored gum paste to add detail to the tentacles, and attach using a small dab of water on the fondant.
    10. Then using the red, orange, and yellow dyed gum paste, shape these into different sized triangles and layer to create flames to stick along the bottom of the cake, using the broken up chocolate flakes to resemble burning logs.
    11. Next using some of the uncoloured gum paste make 3-4 eyeballs to sit at the top of the cauldron, using the Food Art Pens to add detail.
    12. Finally to make the spoon, use the remaining gum paste and roll into an oblong shape, painting with the Silver Metallic Food Art Paint. Once dry secure in top of cake.