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Fashion Jigsaw Cookies

Fashion-themed cookies, cut and designed in a jigsaw style. Perfect for sharing!

Baking Ingredients

  • Shortbread cookie dough
  • Decorating Ingredients

  • Rainbow Dust Pearlescent Baby Blue Metallic Food Paint
  • Rainbow Dust Pearlescent Spring Green Metallic Food Paint
  • Rainbow Dust Gold Metallic Food Paint
  • Rainbow Dust Turquoise ProGel Food Color
  • White Ready To Roll Icing 5lb Pail
  • Rainbow Dust Black Food Art Pen
    1. Roll out your cookie dough into a rectangular shape and divide using a knife into jigsaw pieces.
    2. Once cookies have been cooked and cooled, roll out your Renshaw Americas Fondant on a lightly dusted surface.
    3. Place cookies on icing and cut around the individual pieces, before attaching them to the fondant using a little boiled and cooled apricot jam.
    4. Using the 0.5mm nib of the Black Food Art Pen, lightly sketch your chosen design onto the cookies, and allow to dry.
    5. Once the pen has dried onto the fondant, use a small amount of the Rainbow Dust Turquoise ProGel color, diluted with cooled boiled water to paint onto the fondant.
    6. Once the ProGel has dried, using a tooth pick or the end of your paintbrush to apply dots of each of the metallic paints to the bottom of the dress, applying different pressure to achieve a variation in the size.
    7. Once Metallic Paint has dried, use 2.5mm nib of the Food Art Pen to outline your finished design.