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Easter Chick Cake šŸ„

A super cute Spring inspired design by the talented Kayla Trahan, perfect for all your Easter celebrationsĀ Ā šŸ°

Baking Ingredients

  • Pre-baked sponge cake, filled, stacked and covered with white fondant
  • Decorating Ingredients

  • Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing - White
  • Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing - Pink
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Red
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Yellow
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Blue
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Green
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Orange
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - Pink
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint - Gold
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint - Pearlescent Baby Blue
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint - Purple
  • Renshaw Gum Paste - White
    1. Before making your 'Easter Chick' cake, ensure you have : a mixing palette, a paintbrush, a Dresden tool and a small rose cutter.
    2. Making the Twig Wreath:

    3. Using a mixing palette, prepare your Rainbow Dust ProGel colors.
    4. Mix together the yellow, red, and blue to make brown, adding vodka to your paints to thin them out to your desired consistency.
    5. Then using a paintbrush and a mixture of thin and thick brush strokes, begin to create a circular pattern on the front of your cake.
    6. Making the Baby Chick:

    7. Find a picture of a baby chick to use as a guide.
    8. Then using your Renshaw Gum Paste, on a clean dry surfaced knead the paste. Lightly dust your surface with powdered sugar, then mould the paste to match the shape.
    9. Next using a Dresden tool create the feather effect on the chick, starting at the body and working up to the head adding texture.
    10. To color, thin down the Yellow ProGel to easily add layers of color on the chick without going too dark. Add some of the brown ProGel mix used for the wreath to give a more realistic and shaded effect.
    11. Making the Flowers for the Twig Wreath:

    12. Using the White Renshaw Fondant Icing and a small amount of the Rainbow Dust Pink Progel, knead together until a pale pink color is achieved.
    13. Then roll and pin out on a lightly dusted powdered sugar worktop the ProGel coloured Fondant, and Pink Renshaw Fondant Icing.
    14. Next using a small rose cutter, cut out petals from each colour, layering 3-5 petal for each flower. Make sure to keep the flowers small so they remain easy to adhere to the cake.
    15. Making the Mini Bow:

    16. Using some of your Renshaw Gumpaste and a small amount of the Pink ProGel colour, knead on a clean dry surface until a light pink shade is achieved. Lightly dust your surface with powdered sugar and roll the paste out.
    17. Then cut out 4 strips of the Gum Paste, 1 longer and 3 shorter.
    18. With the long strip, fold the ends into the centre and pinch together to create the bow shape, using 2 of the shorter strips to make the ribbons that hang at the bottom of the bow.
    19. Finally with the remaining 4th strip of Gum Paste hide the centre seam of the bow.
    20. Making the Easter Eggs:

    21. Coat a chocolate egg mould with a thin amount of shortening and press in a thick layer of your Gum Paste, allowing to dry overnight if possible.
    22. Next after popping the the Gum Paste Eggs out of the mould, paint with your desired Rainbow Dust Metallic Paints and allow to dry.
    23. Once the paint has dried, you can cut out little circles, flowers or any design to decorate your eggs with.
    24. Assembling the Cake:

    25. To adhere your decorations to your cake, use white candy melts and attach the chick, flowers and bow.
    26. Once the chick is secure, use the Orange ProGel Color to paint the legs for the chick directly on to the cake.
    27. Finally place the Gum Paste eggs however you want around the bottom of your cake, adding any additional flowers or 3D leaves to the twig wreath to give an added pop to the design.