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Butterfly Cake Recipe



Decorating Ingredients

  • 2 6 x 2in Round sponge cakes
  • 4 8 x 2in Round sponge cakes
  • 8 tbsp Rasberry jam
  • 10 lb Renshaw White Ready to Roll Fondant
  • 1.1 lb Renshaw Gumpaste
  • Royal icing
    1. Decorating Instructions
    2. Take half the frosting and spread on the top of the bottom layer of both the smaller (6in) sponge cakes and in between each layer of the larger (8in) sponge cakes, then spread the bottom of each layer of the cake with raspberry jam. Place the top layers of sponge on top of the frosting layers to create two sandwiched sponge cakes. The 8in cake should be four sponge layers deep.
    3. Cover the two layer small (6in) cake and four layer large (8in) cake with a thin layer of the remaining frosting.
    4. Knead 5lb Renshaw White Ready to Roll Fondant until pliable before rolling out. Lightly dust your work surface with confectioner's sugar and roll out the fondant to the desired thickness.
    5. Place the larger (8in) sponge cake on a 10in drum and lift the white fondant over the cake, smoothing down the sides and over the drum with the palm of your hand. Trim excess fondant from the edge of the drum. To give a sheen to the surface, smooth with the palm of your hand.
    6. Roll out a further 5lb Renshaw White Ready to Roll Fondant, brushing the cake with a little water and then place the fondant over the iced larger (8in) four layer deep cake, trimming neatly around the base.
    7. Using two different size butterfly plunger cutters, gently push the cutter into the top layer of fondant and remove the excess fondant to reveal a butterfly cut out effect. Repeat this around the sides of the cake at different intervals.
    8. Evenly space and insert four long pieces of plastic cake dowelling into the centre of the larger (8in) cake, ensuring that the smaller (6in) sponge cake will cover the dowels when placed on top. Trim the dowels to the same height as the larger (8in) cake using wire cutters or strong scissors.
    9. Repeat Step 5, 6 and 7 for covering the smaller (6in) cake.
    10. Gently stack the smaller (6in) white fondant covered cake on top of the larger (8in) iced cake, securing in position with royal icing.
    11. Secure a wide white ribbon around the top and bottom tiers of the cake sticking into position with royal icing and add a decorative ribbon bow.
    12. Knead the Renshaw Gumpaste until pliable and roll out thinly, using the butterfly plunger cutters to cut out a selection of different sized butterflies and place them on a sponge to dry.
    13. Once the butterflies are dry, stick them in your own pattern onto the cake using royal icing.