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Website FAQs

Where can I buy Renshaw products from?

All you favourite Renshaw products can be purchased from a number of top retailers and sugarcraft shops. Visit our Stockists page for more information.

Why don’t you sell directly to the consumer any more?

Here at Renshaw Baking our main focus for the future is to create and share inspiring cake content, run more competitions and keep you up to date on all the latest cake trends. We are lucky to have such a great network of retailers and sugarcraft shops that are more than happy to supply you with your favourite Renshaw product. Visit our Stockists page for more information.

Is my existing Renshaw Baking account still active?

Yes it is. You can still log in as normal and over the coming weeks we will be updating this section to include many new features.

My business sells Renshaw products, can I be included on the Stockists page?

If you would like your business to be included on the Renshaw Stockists page then email info@renshabaking.com with your contact details, website URL and how many Renshaw products you currently sell and we’ll endeavour to get you added to the page.

What personal information is required to set up a new Renshaw Baking account?

We simply require your name and email address. You will be asked to create a password to complete the process.

How do I update my personal information?

Once you log in to your account you have the option to amend your details.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt the communications between the website and our web server, keeping all your details safe.

What do I do if I forget my username and password?

Your username is the email address linked to your Renshaw Baking account. Should you forget your password, click the “Forgotten your password?” link on the Login/Register page. Enter the email address linked to your Renshaw Baking account and a password reminder will be sent to this email address. Follow the instructions on this email to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

Simply log in to your Renshaw Baking account and you will have the option to amend your password.

How will Renshaw Baking use my data?

For more information on how Renshaw Baking uses your data please visit to our Privacy Policy page.

Do you use cookies on the Renshaw Baking website?

For more information regarding our use of cookies please visit our Cookie Policy page.